Custom 12' Three Strand Double Mooring Pendant 100% Nylon


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3 Strand Double Mooring Pendant Marine 100% Nylon Rope  1 Line  of 3/4" x 8 ' with SS thimble and 6 " eyes on one end and 2 lines of 5/8" x 4' with  12" eyes on each end,  total line length 12 ft approximately  and 2 Chafe Guards (2ft each), Float (10").
This Excellent 3 Strand Twisted 100% PREMIUM Nylon Rope is desirable marine rope material due to its strength and durability.
Made with Premium high-tensile American manufactured 100% nylon fibers is, acid, mildew, rot, oil and gas resistant.
Tensile Strength: 3/4" = 13800 lbs and 5/8" = 10400 lbs. based upon testing according to the Cordage Institute Standard Testing Methods for Fiber Rope and/or ASTM D-4268 Standard Methods of Testing Fiber Ropes.

  • High Quality 100% Nylon Rope
  • 2 Heavy Nylon Chafe Guard
  • Professionally spliced soft eyes
  • Float next to the 6” loop on the ¾” side
  • Abrasion, Durability, Handing, Shock Load, Mildew&Rot Resistant

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