1/2" x 10' DriftProof Mooring Pendant with Backup Line. 3 Strand 100% Nylon rope with Thimble. Made in USA *****LAUNCH OFFER*****


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DriftProof mooring pendant is a system which offers a second chance with its extra security line. The majority of mooring line ruptures have been shown to take place at their weakest point, where contact is made with the bow edge (fig. 2). This rupture occurs not only due to friction, but also for the angle made between boat and rope, which causes a significant loss of tenacity. Furthermore, the rupture of a single line on one side creates a chain effect, increasing the risk of breakage in the line on the other side (starboard or port), and consequentially, drifting of the boat. With DriftProof mooring pendant, this chain effect can be eliminated and keep your boat appropriately moored (fig. 3).

Don't lose sleep anymore!

DriftProof 3 Strand Twisted Nylon Rope, is desirable rope material due to its strength and durability. It is, acid, mildew, rot, oil and gas resistant. Use DriftProof mooring pendant and your boat will be safe.

*Galvanized heavy duty thimble on buoy end
*Professionally spliced soft eyes on boat end
*High abrasion resistance
*Excellent weight/tenacity ratio: Tensile strength 6400 pounds
*Rot-proof resistance
*Good for boats up to 23 feet.

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  • Just sent question about floats. I didn't realize it was one line that split. One float at the split would be good.

    Due the packaging dimensions, unfortunatelly we do not sell floats. But you can easly add a peace of pull noodle.

  • Can you add floats to the "1/2" x 10' DriftProof Mooring Pendant with Backup Line. 3 Strand 100% Nylon rope with Thimble". One on each line about 6' from the thimble?

    Thank you for your question.
    We do not sell floats. But you can add easly the pool nuddle, it will work great.
    Thank you.