2 pack 24" Chafe Guards Heavy Nylon up 3/4" rope.


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Pack of 2 of 24" Chafe Guard Heavy Duty 100% Nylon BLUE, RED or BLACK COLOR

Line Size: up 3/4", Length: 2 Feet

Material: Marine Grade Abrasion-Resistant Nylon Textiles

UV and Mildew Resistant

Chafe Protection for Dock, Anchor and Mooring Lines


High Resistance to Abrasion

High Flexibility

Made from marine grade abrasion-resistant nylon textiles which is designed to protect lines and boats from abrasion

Simple long lasting and economical chafe protection for dock, anchor and Mooring line

UV Protected: Our Chafe Guard units are resistant to damage from UV radiation

Mildew Resistant

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  • I’m considering the 2 pk of chafe guards for the double line anchor bridle. Do you put the guards in place before building the bridle? If not will they go over the cleat loops?

    Thank you for your question.
    If the chafe guards are ordered with the line/lines. We take care to install them before to splice.
    Other customers left a message during checkout asking to install or not install them.

  • Have a 55' Sportfish with 7' freeboard and 1/4" chain. Can you spec out the correct product

    Thank you for your question,
    I believe that you are asking for anchor snubber, in that case you should use the 3/4" x 18', but it is very extrange that you have 1/4" chain, you should have 3/8" chain for the dimension of your boat.
    Please let me know if you need more help.
    Thanks again

  • If I order a anchor bridle, can I request that chafe guards are put on the eyelet end just below the actual eyelet? Thanks you, Joe

    Thank you for your interest.
    Do you means to put the chafe guards over the splice and another over the eye?
    I am not sure tu understand exactly what you would like.
    Please any sketch is very welcome.